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For exhibitors Exhibitors guide

Exhibitors guide

Info and deadlines

  • Update your company profile before 31.8.2024.
  • Check your company’s visibility name before 31.8.2024, to ensure it is included in the printed fair info and guidance. 
  • If you have ordered or your stand includes graphic products, please remember to send the necessary materials to no later than 22.9.2024. For changes made after this, we will charge according to the normal price list. Material instructions >>
  • When you place your orders at latest 13.8.2024, you get the products at a cheaper price. Save and order in advance!
    • On September 13th prices will increase by 20%
    • On September 30th prices will increase by 50%
    • On October 15th prices will increase by 100%

Tuesday 22.10.2024 9:00-17:00
Wednesday 23.10.2024 9:00-17:00
Thursday 24.10.2024 9:00-16:00

Exhibitors maintenance time before the event days is at 8:00-9:00.

Saturday 19.10.2024 8:00-18:00
Sunday 20.8.2024 8:00-18:00
Monday 21.8.2024 8:00-22:00

Entrances will be announced later.

We have reserved hotel room quotas from hotels in Tampere. See the entire list here and book the rooms using the reservation code.

Exhibitors most important tool! Through the eShop, you can handle orders and all other tasks related to fair participation easily and quickly.

Registration path:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the requested information on the form.
  3. After registration, you will receive a message in your email. Confirm the user account by clicking the confirmation link in the message. Your account will be activated.
  4. Once you have confirmed the user account, you can log in from the home page

After logging in to the service, you can see participations in upcoming events on the front page. Choose to participate and you get to take care of the fair preparations.

NOTE! In the beginning only the contact person has the permission to see the participation. You can share the access rights from Share access rights.

Constructing and furniture – Expotec Oy
Aleksi Rainevuo p. +358 40 767 6397,

AV – Creative Technology Finland Oy

Restaurant services: stand catering, food and drink tickets
Customer service: p. +358 40 504 0530,

Cleaning – SOL Palvelut Oy
Katja Poltojainen, p. +358 40 520 8872,

Electricity – Messusähkö Oy
Jussi Tamminen, p. +358 44 366 6080,

Logistics – Suomen Event Logistics
David Palomo, p. +358 50 430 7082,

Plants and flowers – Vihersisustus Bueno Oy
Johanna Helin, p. +358 50 911 3417,

Lead collecting – ContactMate Events
p. +358 207 856 700,

We will host an online information session for exhibitors on August 28th from 1 PM to 2 PM. The session will cover topics such as the eShop online service, event marketing, and other event information. Join us!

Join the meeting

Meeting ID: 338 334 199 977
ID code: qMQezv

Marketing and communication

Tell the visitors what’s happening at your stand – update the information from stand program 

Visitors look for information about the fair’s offerings and what is happening at the stands in advance. The program can include product demonstrations, presentations, tutorials, musical performances, challenges, competitions, etc.

Register your program in the eShop under the Program section, and it will be published on the event’s website, giving you free visibility for your program.

All exhibitors participating in the event are published on the event’s website.

The name of your company that appears on the list will be the one you provided to the sales manager when confirming your participation in the event. If you want to change your visibility name, you can easily do so through the eShop under Market your participation. Instructions for updating your profile >>

In addition to the visibility name, you can easily upload your company logo, a link to your company’s website, and other information you want to share with event visitors (videos/images) to the list. Please complete all the necessary information about your company by 30.8.2024, so visitors can explore all of the participating companies in advance. The information can be easily updated through the eShop under Market your participation.

Please note that the visibility name must be updated by 31.8.2024, to ensure it is included in the printed fair info and guidance.

Utilize logos and banners in your own marketing channels!

Don’t forget to tell about your participation and the products and services on display at the fair in your own marketing and communication channels, such as social media. You can use event logos, banners and images to market your event participation.

eInvitation makes it possible to send an invitation to even hundreds of customers in one go – easily, ecologically and free of charge. You can attach your own greeting and company photos to the electronic invitation.

eInvitation tool and instructions in the eShop online service under Invite your customers. 

Remember to actively contact journalists and influencers and invite them to your stand. Publish press releases through the eShop under Market your participation. You can recognize journalists and other media representatives at the fair by their MEDIA passes.

Stand construction

You can order stand design through our construction partner Expotec or choose a ready-made package stand with either white or black walls. The package stand include the structures, lighting, carpet, and cleaning for the entire duration of the fair. 

If you have ordered or your stand includes graphic products, such as a fascia bard logo or text, please remember to send the necessary materials to at latest 22.9.2024.

Check the material instruction >>

Plan and order the necessary structures, furniture, products and services for the stand

Our pricing is based on price periods. The earlier you place your orders, the cheaper you will get the products and services you need at your stand, and you will ensure the availability of the products. Plan and order the necessary structures and furniture for the stand from eShop under Order products and services. When you place your orders at latest 13.9.2024, you get the products at a cheaper price. Save and order in advance!

13.9.2024 prices will increase by 20 %  
30.9.2024 prices will increase by 50 %  
15.10.2024 prices will increase by 100 % 

Suspensions are possible in the halls A and E with specific limitations on the sides and corners. The permitted maximum weight in both halls is 200 kg per suspension point. 0-50 kg suspension point is for lighter suspensions. Suspension points over 200 kg are reviewed case-by-case.

You can conveniently send passes to the e-mail or mobile phone of your fair team members via the eShop under Send passes. 

The recipient of the pass can print it in advance via the link in the e-mail, or you can also print it at the entrances or at the Exhibition office. You can create as many passes as you need.

The exhibitor’s pass is for the staff of your booth during the fair. The pass is personal and valid during construction, event and dismantling times of the fair. The pass must be displayed during the event. The builder’s pass is valid during the fair’s construction and dismantling times. Passes are free of charge.

At the Event

The Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center has plenty of parking spaces. Free parking for exhibitors – more info later. We will also organize free bus transportation between Tampere Railway Station and the venue. The schedule will be published closer to the event.

During the construction and opening hours of the event, the Exhibition office is helping exhibitors and builders, e.g. for stand orders. The Exhibition office is located next to the main entrance.

Opening hours will be published closer to the event.

The restaurant services at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center are provided by Finnresta Oy.

Order forms for lunch and coffee vouchers as well as stand catering will be available in the fall.

Restaurants and their opening hours will be published closer to the event.

For more information and table reservations: Customer Service/Finnresta Oy, tel. +358 40 504 0530,

The exhibitors’ break room is open according to the event’s opening hours. The exhibitors’ lounge is located on the second floor of Hall A, next to the exhibitors’ restaurant Kastrup. The break room offers wireless Wi-Fi, coffee, and tea.

Do not leave valuables on display when the fair day ends. Take care of insurance and think about whether you need additional equipment, for example display cases, locks or safety cables for computers or monitors.

Each exhibitor is obliged to take care of insuring his own goods.

The deliveries to the fair center can be addressed:

Exhibitors name c/o and stand number
TESC // Energia 2024
Ilmailunkatu 20

There is a wireless public network available in the halls. Please note, however, that the connection can easily become congested and slow during the event.

The password for accessing the network will be provided later.

We also offer company-specific network solutions as an additional service according to your needs, either wired or wireless. Order products from the eShop under the Order Products and Services section.

Coming later…