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An event is an exceptional medium that enables you to meet exactly the right target group face-to-face. Authentic encounters permit networking, an opportunity to inspire and become inspired, to try out new products, do business and take the branch forward in a totally unique manner. Join us at the Energy event!

Stand space

Expo start – € 550 including basic electricity connection 16A 230V (3.6 kw), electricity consumption and registration fee, which includes e.g., printed, and electronic customer invitations and visibility in fair catalogues.

Stand prices indoors 

Stand sizePrice /m² + VAT
Row stand€ 133 / m2
Corner stand 6-80 m2€ 146 / m2
Corner stand 81 m2-€ 133 / m2

Stand prices outdoors

Stand sizePrice /m2 + VAT
Outdoor stand€ 90 / m2

Notice! Prices don’t include structures or other subcontracting services, e.g., furniture, internet, lightning, plants, and logistics. 

VAT 24% will be added to the prices.

If there are other companies/organizations on the stand, each one is charged with a co-exhibitor fee, that entitled for the same visibility and fair services as the main exhibitor. The fee doesn’t affect principals or companies in the same corporation.

Co-exhibitor fee€ 400

Additional advertising space is charged for structures and decorations exceeding 2,5 m.

Structures over 250 cm (indoors)€ 550

Available also convenient package stands solutions. Ask further information: Nina Nurminen,, tel. +358 40 701 4183.

Do you want to ensure your visibility at the event? Ask our sales manager about additional visibility and advertising space solutions!