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Guidelines for constructing

Energy 2022 Event
25.-27.10.2022, Tampere, Finland

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General constructing instructions – Energia 2022

Please, acquaint yourself also with the General Terms of Participation! In addition to what is mentioned about constructing of the stands in the General Terms of Participation,
which is attached to the exhibition contract, we want to stress these following instructions:

Timetables Service doors | Wall and ceiling constructions | Raising of the stand | Two floor stand | Floor coatings and maximum loading of the floor | Height of the Hall | Electrification HVAC-Services, ventilation engineering and compressed air | Ceiling suspensions | Sound system on the stand Fire security |

Work performances and shows | Painting in the exhibition halls | Vehicles as exhibits | License to play music on the stand | General cleaning of the exhibition area | Driving a car in the halls | Logistics services and storage | Consignments | Water supplies | Driving instructions to the Exhibition hall


Sat 22.10. 8:00-18:00
Sun 23.10. 8:00-18:00
Mon 24.10. 8:00-22:00

Exhibition’s opening hours:

Tue 25.10. 9:00-17:00
Wed 26.10. 9:00-17:00
Thu 27.10. 9:00-16:00

Exhibitors maintenance time before the event days is at 8:00-9:00.

Thu 27.10. 16:30-22:00 (Dismantling can be started only when fairs are closed)
Fri 28.10. 7:00-19:00

Additional constructing time:
There is no possibility for pre-constructing time in the event. However, it is possible to bring booth structures to the stand on Friday 21.10., between 16:00-18:00, but construction may not begin. Additional constructing time (Sat 22.10. 18:00-07:00, Sun 23.10. 18:00-07:00, Mon 24.10. 22:00-07:00) costs 300 € + VAT. / hour. The price is per constructor.

Information about additional constructing time, stands that will be built, the number of constructing staff and structures delivered beforehand is needed three weeks before the event.

If the need of additional constructing time is not informed three weeks before the event and the official constructing time will due, it must be informed on the spot to Erkki Koski, before the official construction time ends, tel. +358 40 546 9555. The constructor will be charged 500 € + VAT. / starting hour / constructor.

Service doors are marked in the base map of Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center.
A2, A8, A9 (in hall A) 22.- 28.10.
E3 (in hall E) 22.- 28.10.
E6 (in hall E) 24.10. ja 27.10.

Service door locations >>

Each stand must have its own wall constructions. The exhibitor is not allowed to use neighbour’s stand walls without written contract with the neighbour exhibitor. The standard and the minimum height of the stands is 250 cm.

The standard and the minimun height of the stands is 250 cm. If the wall constructions or the decoration ornaments of the stand exceed 250 cm, the raising will be considered as additional advertising space and it will be charged 550 €+ VAT. You need to also ask permission in advance from exhibitor organizer if your constructions are over 250 cm. This rule does not apply to exhibits, if they don’t contain product or company advertising. A construction exceeding the standard height of the partition wall may not be closer than 1 m from the boundary of the closest stand. In case if constructions are too near the neighbour stand, exhibitior must ask neighbour’s permission for higher construction. The stand drawings must be send to the exhibition organizer in advance – latest 30 days before the event to and

The drawings of a two-floor stand must be accepted in advance by the local construction authorities. If people spend time on the 2nd floor, that area must be equipped with handrails (minimum height 1 m). The second-floor area is charged with additional payment by according to agreement or at least 500€ + VAT.

City of Tampere, Building Control Department
Mr. Jyrki Ottman, tel. +358 40 806 2050,

Attention! The drawings must also be delivered to the exhibition organizer not later than one month before event to

The center part of the Hall A is painted concrete and it is surrounded by running track, which is soft Novotan-coating. There is a map of the Hall A after these directions, in which the border of these two coatings is marked with a dashed line. The exhibitors located on the Novotan-coating must have a carpet on their stands to protect the floor.

In the back corner of the Hall A is a hollow tiled floor area, where maximum point load is 500 kg/sq.m. If an exhibitor plans to place heavy loads to the mentioned area, the load must be pointed in a way that the maximum load will not be exceeded. Other parts of the Hall A may be loaded up to 1000 kg/sq.m., except the long-jump place (located between the blocks C1 and D1) where only light exhibits are allowed.

Map: Hall A >>

The Hall E is completely treated concrete and it’s maximum point load is 1000 kg/sq.m.

Map: Hall E >>

The exhibitor must inform the exhibition organizer in advance of heavy exhibits (measurements, total weight and weight/sq.m.) or tel. +358 40 546 9555. To avoid exhibits sinking, must broad and durable foundations (min. 20×20 cm) be used under thin, narrow, sharp or heavy exhibits. Foundations that distribute weight of the cars or similar vehicles must used under the tires.

The exhibitor must cover the whole stand with a carpet. The carpet material must be fire resistant (class L). It is forbidden to attach carpet tapes on the floor.

To avoid sinking of the floors broad and durable mats (min. 20×20 cm) must be put under thin, narrow, sharp and heavy exhibits. Mats that even out the weight distribution must also be put under car tires.

The free height of the Hall A is 20 meters at its highest point. The free height for the stands by the long back wall is 6,5 meters and 8 meters by the wall next to the spectators’ side (below the exhibition office and exhibitor restaurant).

The free height of the Hall E is 8 meters on the side of Hall A. Otherwise the free height is at least 10 meters.

Both day and night time electricity connections and other electric installations on the exhibition area will be made by Messusähkö Oy. When ordering for electricity, the exhibitor needs to consider the total usage of electricity of the stand. Order electricity to your stand via order form. A placement drawing of the electrical equipment must be attached to the order of electricity supply. Here you can find few examples of usage of electricity of some electric equipment:

Regular coffee maker 1,0 kW
Double coffee maker 1,5 kW
Electric kettle 1,5 kW
Fridge 150 l 0,4 k W + off-peak electricity
Microwave 1,5 kW
Projector 0,5 kW
Plasma display 0,5 kW
Octanorm light 0,2 kW
Lumilux luminescence 0,1 kW
Laptop 0,2 kW

There is no certified network in the halls’ electricity network. If there are some equipment on the exhibitor’s stand that need constant electricity supply, such as computers, refrigerators or others, it is possible to order night time electricity in addition to the day time electricity, which means that the electricity will not be cut out for the night at that stand. All electrical equipment brought to the stand by the exhibitor or the builder must be safe according to electrical regulations of Finland. Exhibitor is always responsible for the possible damage or cost, if electrical equipment are installed by other party than the electrical contractor. Please note that on the last event day electricity will be cut off from the stands at 16:30.

HVAC-Services, ventilation engineering and compressed air can be ordered from Are Oy.

Contact: Are Oy, Aki Kannusmäki,, tel. +358 40 300 5421

Suspensions are possible in the halls A and E with specific limitations on the sides and corners. The permitted maximum weight in both halls is 200 kg per suspension point. 0-50 kg suspension point is for lighter suspensions. Suspension points over 200 kg are reviewed case-by-case.

Ceiling suspensions in the event are performed by Bright Finland Oy.
Contact: Kaisa Niutanen, Tel. +358 44 782 2294,

The order with all information and drawings must be send to both Bright Finland and Expomark. Expomark and Bright Finland will approve the suspension plan and checks whether a suspension is possible in the place in question.

If you have sound systems on the stand, please inform Bright Finland Oy about that,
By informing about sound system we get assurance that wireless microphones frequencies work seamlessly for everyone.

Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre is equipped with automatic fire extinction system. The fire authorities accept only ceiling materials that permeate minimum 50% of water (grate, gauze or equivalent materials). The ceiling textile must be treated fire resistant (initiation sensitivity class 1). Solid ceiling structure prevents water spraying on the stand from the sprinkler system. If product demonstration requires different ceiling solutions (tent, caravan, open shelter or other solid ceiling, size of 1 sq.m. or bigger), the stand has to be equipped with fire detector and 6 kg hand extinguisher. The exhibition organizer has to be informed about the ceiling structures latest 30 days before the exhibition. The exhibition organizer forwards then the information to the fire authorities.

The use of open fire is forbidden. Also equipment with open flame, such as gas cookers, gas rings, candles and others are forbidden. There is no permanent place to demonstrate hot works on behalf of the exhibition organizer. The exhibitor needs a permission from the fire authorities to exhibit equipment or do work performances that can jeopardize the fire safety (welding, cutting with blowpipe etc.).

Hot work permit has to be applied from Tampere Regional Emergency Services at least 30 days before the exhibition by email. Permission application has to include a stand sketch/floor plan and technical details about the planned demonstration.

Tampere Regional Emergency Services
Customer service, t. +358 3 565 612, or on call fire officer (8:30-12:00), t. +358 40 716 7766

The hot work performances has to be informed also to the exhibition organizer at least 30 days before the exhibition. Contact:, t. +358 40 5469 555.


Work performances and program numbers raise fair’s ambience and create positive and active atmosphere. If there are noisy performances (e.g. work or musical) on the stands, the intensity at the stand can momentarily be max. 80 dB. Inside the halls only air balloons are allowed, balloons filled with gas are prohibited inside. It is not allowed to use technical spaces of the hall as storage. Every performances on the stand must be informed to the exhibition organizer at least two weeks before the fair begins: tel. +358 10 830 0800, Also, it would be polite to inform your stand neighbours within time limit about noisy performances.

If there will be painting works performed in exhibition area, the floor and environment must definitely be protected. The washing place for painting equipment locates near the Service Door 9 (on the corridor between halls A and B). It is forbidden to wash painting equipment in toilets or service facilities. The exhibitor is responsible for proper disposal of paint, empty pots and other equipment.

The petrol tanks of vehicles as exhibits must be as empty as possible of petrol and the conductor rails of the accumulator must be disconnected. You must ensure that the power is switched off from the main switch or the batteries. The exhibitor should also ensure that no oil or other such liquids leak on the floor coating. If presenting vehicles as exhibits needs using the vehicle or it’s accessories, the permission from the fire authorities is needed at least 30 days before the the event. If there are vehicles as exhibits outside on the exhibition area (pavement), the exhibitor must ensure that no oil etc. leaks on the pavement. Exhibitor is always responsible in the problem situation.

Tampere Regional Emergency Services
Customer service, t. +358 3 565 612, or on call fire officer (8:30-12:00), t. +358 40 716 7766

If there are vehicles as exhibits outside on the exhibition area (pavement), the exhibitor must ensure that no oil etc. leaks on the pavement. The exhibitor is responsible for possible damages.

The fair organizer is responsible for paying the license fees for the performances of music (record or tape players, TV or radio or whether the performances are “live”). Exhibitor don’t need to do own announcement.

The exhibition organizer has arranged the general cleaning, which includes the cleaning of the hallways. The exhibitors are responsible for keeping their stands clean before and during the exhibition. Please, order cleaning separately (Cleaning Services). If the Novotan floor coating will get dirty or harmed by the exhibitor, will he/she be responsible to pay the cleaning costs.

The exhibitor is obliged to remove the construction waste from stand and hallway(s) next to the stand to garbage platforms and refuse sacks:

– cardboards to platforms reserved for them
– bright plastic to containers reserved for it
– other carbage to waste cans
– wood waste must be removed to a certain separate platform

Please note that removal of plastic cover from the carpet is a duty of the stand constructor, if the package stand is ordered from Expomark. In other cases you can order removal of plastic cover from cleaning service provider or constructor of stand.

Car-driving in the halls is allowed for vans or bigger vehicles for loading or unloading of goods during building-up and dismantling where the passage is covered with carpets. The long jump point (between blocks C1 and D1) in hall A is weight restricted, thus driving on the area is prohibited. The long jump point is marked by plastic poles.

Driving in the hall is allowed until 15:00 on the last building-up day. After that the cover carpets will be removed. Car-driving in the hall with private car is allowed exceptionally only when the car is used to drag a trailer or the amount or size of goods is very big. Driving in the hall is allowed starting approximately 18:00 on the last exhibition day, after the cover carpets are put on the floor.

NOTE! Constructors’ trucks and other big vehicles must definitely be moved away from the parking space for the duration of the exhibition days!

Inside the hall there are small transport trailers, which can be borrowed for transportation smaller consignments. The storage area for crates during the exhibition and the truck service, which is liable to charge, available for lifting and transportation of heavy loads of exhibits, has to be ordered in advance from Suomen Messulogistiikka Oy. Suomen Messulogistiikka will take care off:

– Transportation, forwarding, lifting and shifting services
– Stowage and restoring of empty crates (there is no stowage space in Oulu hall)
– Services on the exhibition premises

All services are chargeable.

Connections to: Erkki Koski, tel. +358 40 5469 555,

Considerations regarding dismantling stands!
If you leave consignments for pickup by carries, remember inform Erkki Koski at the latest on Thu 22 Oct by 12:00. Suomen Messulogistiikka will move all the consignments which pickup has not been informed to its transport partner’s terminal in Tampere at Friday 23 Oct 16:00. This how Suomen Messulogistiikka can be sure that there are no irrelevant consignments in the Exhibition hall when dismantling time ends at 20:00 pm. The cost of transfer will be charged from exhibitor.

Exhibitors who are using carrier services must inform following information in advance:
– Exhibitor’s company and stand number
– A carrier firm, from whom the transportation has been ordered
– The number of waybill or order number
– Estimated freight
– Arranged pick-up time

The easiest way to report this information to Suomen Messulogistiikka Oy is to fill electric format:

Consignments which left unannounced are collectible on Tuesday 1.11. from:

Kaukokiito Oy / [Exhibitor’s company]
Return Energia 2022
Varastotie 6

Pre-announced consignments which other carrier firms have not picked up as agreed by Friday 28.10. at 16:00, will be arranged joint transportation to terminal
mentioned above as affordable as possible. These shipment can be collect on Monday 31.10.

Consignments which are not pre-announced won’t necessarily fit in to same transportation. That is the reason why cost of transportation to terminal might be notably higher.

The consignments can be send to Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre at the earliest on first constructing day.

The consignments to the fair center can be addressed:

Exhibitors name c/o SMLog
TESC // Energia 2022
Ilmailunkatu 20

The consignments can be deliver to the exhibition area at the earliest on first constructing day. The exhibitor delivers showpieces to the exhibition area at own expense.
The exhibitors are liable to take care of the receiving, dismantling, storaging and transporting their own consignments to the exhibition stands. Also, they are liable to return consignments. The organizers of the fair cannot sign the consignments to be received on behalf of the exhibitor. Suomen Messulogistiikka receives all shippments sent to the event, that aren’t received by the exhibitors’ staff. The service is chargeable.

Contact: David Palomo, tel. +358 50 430 7082

Package marking:
Exhibitor’s name
Energia 2022 Fair
Stand Number

There are two water supplies in the exhibition area. The other supply is meant only for coffee, tea and drinking water and the other is meant only for washing painting brushes and rollers. Please see the locations on the hall map.

The easiest way to find the Exhibition hall is to follow the signs “Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskus” and “Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre”, which are all along the main roads leading to Tampere. Tampere Central Market is about six kilometers from the Exhibition center and approximately 8 km from Pirkkala Airport.

Train and plane timetables:

Also visit the City of Tampere at


Our partner Expotec Oy offers package stands’ structures and furniture from design to implementation (also personalized design stands) for exhibitors. Contact: Aleksi Rainevuo, tel. +358 40 767 6397,