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General info
Aurinkoenergiaa. Kuvassa aurinkopaneeleja nurmella sinitaivaan alla.

General info

Visit the event

Entry to the event is free by registering in advance. Registration will open closer to the event.

How to find us

Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre is situated close to the border of Tampere and Pirkkala in the Härmälä area.

Free bus transport

Free bus transport for event visitors on the route Tampere railway station – Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center – Tampere railway station. Schedules will be announced closer to the event.


Parking at events organised by Tampere Trade Fairs is subject to a fee. Parking tickets are sold at ticket counters located at the entrances. You can also pay for parking outside as you exit the car park, but in order to make traffic flow more smoothly, we recommend that you pay indoors.


When visiting a fair, good and enjoyable food helps to keep you going. It’s good to stop and eat something, even a few times during the day.


The Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center is accessible. All exhibition halls are on the ground floor, and the seminar and congress facilities on the first floor can be accessed by elevators from the main lobby.