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RK Infra GesmbH
Product group:
Energian siirto, jakelu ja varastointi - Energy transmission, distribution and storage
Energiantuotannon ja jakelun laitteet, komponentit ja varusteet - Energy production and distribution equipment, components and supplies
Kestävä kaupunki- ja energiainfra - Sustainable urban and energy infra
Uusiutuva energia - Renewable energy

RK Infra GesmbH


RK Infra GesmbH, a member of the international Radius-Systems Group, is an Austria-based manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in the design, production and sales of pre-insulated pipe systems.

Product ranges include high-quality conventional rigid and flexible pipe products and a new class of flexible pre-insulated reinforced plastic pipe systems that open up new opportunities for heating networks. Through sister companies and partner RK Infra is serving the European market.